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Welcome Home. The story of the prodigal son and the loving father can be found in Luke 15, verses 11-24. "Welcome Home" captures the heart of the loving father towards his tired, weary but returned son. 👑


This shirt was inspired by a vision that @biglovekev has to create a 24-hour prayer room in our town of Newport Oregon. Something similar to what he experienced on a trip to YWAM Kona.


"A prayer room/house is not like a Sunday church thing. It’s a calm space and there’s worship music in the background and it’s just a place for you to go sit and pray, worship, cry, and read the word. Sometimes there might be specific things to pray for and other times we will have live worship."


"Most of all the goal is for the prayer room is for people to have a place to go to away from everything and to come to Jesus with open hearts. Another goal is for it to have its own building where people can go every day (except Sundays for church) one day. Till then God has a space for this ministry on Tuesdays and that's more than I can ask for" ~biglovekev


If you're in Newport on Tuesdays, join us in the prayer room starting at 4 pm at the FTK Building.


Art by @biglovekev For the King. 👑

Welcome Home Tee

Shipping Soon!
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