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We are a Christian apparel brand based in Newport, Oregon.


Our mission is to spread the Gospel message of hope in Jesus through high-quality, creatively designed, faith-based apparel and to support like-minded ministries. 


To put it simply, we create apparel with a purpose.

We have two methods to fulfill our Mission: 

  • We sell our own FTK branded apparel

  • We work with organizations to create custom apparel

Our goal is to be the primary source of custom promotional apparel for the Christian community and to assist individuals and organizations in their fundraising and promotional efforts.

We sell primarily through our online store. We will also offer our products at events, and eventually, our store in Newport, Oregon. Custom apparel can be purchased and shipped directly to you, or customers can purchase it online.

We understand the power of apparel as a branding and advertising tool for communicating a message and influencing mindsets. We want to leverage this tool For the Kingdom.

Contact us today and let's make something awesome!

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